Our Story

Since the beginning of time, man has instinctively known the healing capacity of the sea, Ancient cave drawings depict many an ill-fated Mammoth hunt, resulted in a harried trip to the sea, to immerse the injured into the Great Mother Ocean.

Today, we still benefit from the healing properties of the sea. We labor hard for 50 weeks so we can pack up the kids, the beach chairs, the coolers and the umbrellas, just to spend 7 glorious days sitting as close to sea level as possible - 14 days if you don't have to spend Christmas with the in-laws.

Some find solace in sitting under an umbrella, taking in the powerful ebb and flow of the sea. Others choose to explore beneath the surface, experiencing the sea life below. We ride upon her on boards, boats and sails.  

Life At Sea Level celebrates the healing powers, the magnificent beauty and the nurturing bounty of the Sea.